AGNOSYS, based in Styria and from here active throughout Europe, is working to enhance proven fire safety measures with innovative solutions, conforming to the correct standards. In doing so we focus on fire safety systems in preventive fire protection. In the face of ever-increasing standards in Europe, it was a major challenge to develop a system that meets all country-specific requirements; a goal that has been achieved in recent years.

Every construction project has its own characteristics

Naturally, fire safety systems also have their own specific challenges. AGNOSYS develops and produces control systems for the automation of preventive fire protection systems. These include:

  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Pressure ventilation and smoke dilution systems
  • smoke extraction for underground car parks

but also, the integration of fire dampers and associated ventilation systems in the fire safety system.


Certified products

The products launched in recent years and tested in numerous projects are certified according to all necessary European standards and guidelines – ÖNORM F 3001, TRVB S 151, TRVB S 125 – which provides the investor with general security and on the other hand, guarantees rapid commissioning and acceptance of the property. The fire safety control systems thus convince both through their technical functionality as well as their cost-effectiveness during operation.