Integrate fire dampers and ventilation systems in a standards-compliant and resource-conserving manner into your building’s technology systems.

Integration of all components and systems

With the AGNOSYS Series F BSK V.3.5 all kinds of fire dampers and associated ventilation systems can be integrated into the fire safety system of your building. No matter whether they are dampers with a 24V-actuator, 230V-actuators or purely mechanical dampers, all of them are integrated with the help of AGNOSYS.

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Modular and flexibly expandable

You only need a few components for a functional system and are, therefore, quickly at the finish line:

  • Modules for fire dampers
  • Controllers with interface
  • Bus cabling

Automatic system function tests, documentation and maintenance protocols

The Series F BSK V3.5 supports your activities with countless features during the operation of your building. The system monitors all switching actions automatically and logs them. As a result, all control actions are traceable at any time. With the automated function tests and checks you can comfortably monitor the functionality of your fire dampers (open and close) as well as record their running times at the press of a button. This reduces your service costs substantially. All tests are documented automatically and are available as .pdf reports.


Software tools and assistants for the entire life cycle of the project

For every phase of the project, from planning to parameterization, from activation to maintenance, special software tools are available. These include software assistants, which help you to simply and quickly plan and parameterise your individual construction project, in a standard-compliant way. In doing so the assistants lead you through the process step by step. With this feature in place, complicated software programming in fire safety systems are a thing of the past!